Deltalok introduced an early version of a Geomodular system to the market in 2003. For years Trexiana was an Exclusive Distributor of the Deltalok system and related products in Canada.

Once Trexiana took the brand on we quickly became recognized as the leader in the Geomodular Block Construction Industry. Trexiana’s Team are considered Global authorities in the field.

Deltalok Closes North American Operations

When Deltalok vacated their Charles St. location in North Vancouver, closed their Canadian and U.S.A. offices and effectively ceased corporate operations in North America in 2012, Trexiana became increasingly concerned with the quality of goods being supplied by Deltalok from Asia.

Deltalok Quality Issues

Out-of-spec manufacturing, namely component inconsistencies and quality control issues, resulted in Trexiana having to inspect each bag and plate it received individually. These inconsistencies are unacceptable for an engineered product.

Deltalok’s Engineering and Test claims are far out of date based on the materials used to actually manufacture the system. Deltalok refused to retest and update this information on a regular basis. This was an enormous issue which could have catastrophic results when engineers rely on the manufacturer’s specification for their design criteria.

This, combined with inconsistent delivery timelines and Deltalok’s many legal issues (1) (2) created an environment which greatly impacted Trexiana’s ability to conduct business promoting the brand.

During this time Trexiana realized that Deltalok was no longer a brand which met our high standards so the search began to replace the this outdated system with a system more in line with our core values and high standards.

During our search we discovered that the other Geomodular systems on the market were even lower quality and in most cases, knockoffs.

The Flex MSE System

Applying our knowledge of Geomodular construction and direct industry experience, Trexiana was able to patent a new design which incorporated the lessons learned and feedback from clients to create an new, and much improved, system.



Engineering and Testing is continually tracked with Flex MSE to ensure that each product leaving our warehouse meets our claimed specification and high quality standards.

Trexiana has developed industry leading Best Practices for the supply, construction and vegetation of the Flex MSE system.  Following conservative guidelines published by global retaining wall authorities, soil manufacturers, and revegetation specialists, Flex MSE incorporates the most up-to-date information and technology from these industries.    

Flex MSE represents the first major, forward looking, innovation since the introduction of geo-bag construction.  A better interlocking plate, consistent quality control, superior specifications, and regional manufacturing all add up to a much improved and more reliable system.

For more information on the advantages of Flex MSE over Deltalok, please Contact Us and one of our product specialists will be in touch. We encourage experienced Geomodular Block installers to contact Flex MSE to become Certified as a Flex MSE installer.

Flex MSE Interlocking Plate contains many improvements over older versions like Deltalok