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The ideal solution for an Engineer and Architect looking to create unique green spaces with engineered stability.


We have been in the landscape business since 1974 and built many types of wall systems, wood, concrete and segmental block.  Until we started installing the Flex MSE system we had never constructed as many walls with as many satisfied customers.  The Flex MSE System is fantastic. If you are looking for an eco-friendly retaining wall, this is the system to use.   – Kevin K. – Certified Installer

In use globally for over 10 years, Engineers, Architects and Landscape Architects have used Geomodular systems in some of Canada’s biggest and most challenging projects. Flex MSE builds on these successes, taking Geomodular construction to the next level.

  • Adaptability. Flex MSE’s interlocking armour gives it one of the broadest application scopes of any building system.  Simple, pervious, and flexible – it’s ideal for tough sites and “Anywhere Land Meets Water.”
  • Low impact.  Flex MSE supports native plant and animal habitats, and protects shoreline and other sensitive sites with less impact to the natural environment.
  • Innovation.  Systems with less robust components than Flex MSE have been built as high as 75ft. Our Second Generation Creep Resistant Plate improves geogrid compatibility and increases Bag to Bag frictional contact.

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