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Brock White Construction Materials represents Flex MSE in their British Columbian locations.

They have 60 years of experience in the construction materials industry. From their delivery drivers to their sales reps to their office staff, they can provide extensive support to help build and maintain your reputation for expert  workmanship and reliability.

With name brand, high-quality construction and building materials and a company-wide commitment to responsive, dependable service, they can help ensure the most successful outcomes to your construction projects. As a multi-generational family-owned business, they pride themselves on a long history of providing local, dependable product knowledge and expertise, with a yes-first approach to service.

Brock White offer their customers something unique: a candid partnership. By going above and beyond to deliver on our promise of honesty and transparency, they maintain a personal approach to business, driven by authentic values and knowledge-based support for manufacturers, professional DIYers, contractors, and other hardworking entrepreneurial business owners.

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