Gravitas International Ltd. – Flex MSE UK

Gravitas International and Flex MSE UK

Gravitas International represents Flex MSE UK.




Gravitas is a family-run business; designing, manufacturing and distributing sustainable environmental products, primarily dedicated to introducing innovation to the global market.

Gravitas offers ongoing support to its customer base by way of custom design, packaging, and training, whilst driving the demand from the ground up and continually striving for sustainable solutions to enhance the working environment around us. 

Gravitas International has 40+ years experience of the manufacturing process, raw materials, and the marketing of new products. Gravitas was founded by David & Jacob Sallon shortly after the successful acquisition of Dailys UK by 3M, in 2010. Dailys specialised in non-woven products for the industrial, commercial and hygiene sectors.

Many of the products now seen today, created by Dailys, were disposable coveralls, hats, gowns and several personal hygiene products. Gravitas has continued this legacy, and strives for innovative solutions within a variety of sectors, focusing on their environmental impact.

We couldn’t be happier to have the Team at Gravitas working with Flex MSE UK. Check out their site to learn more about this exciting partner,

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