SIGSA and Flex MSE

Flex MSE is well represented by SIGSA in the Panama, Suriname, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Guyana and Peru.






Servicios de Ingeniería Geosintética SA, known for its initials as SIGSA, with the main office in Panama City, has a been in business for more than 30 years and is a leader in design and applications with geosynthetics.

SIGSA offers its clients a complete package of technical advice, design, supply, installation, quality control and training.

The SIGSA Products and Services are divided into three large lines that are represented by each of the chevrons of their logo:

Blue – Systems and Products for water management and treatment

Black – The wide range of Geosynthetics

Green – Erosion control and environmental aspects. They have an excellent team that is highly qualified to create a tangible value for customers, continuously preparing to exceed the highest demands.

With 85 million square meters installed in important works, international awards and management positions in important associations such as IECA (International Association of Erosion Control) or IAGI (International Association of Installers of Geosynthetics), cover the experience of the professional Team.

The mark of the excellent work carried out by SIGSA is found in the most diverse sectors: Mining, Hydroelectric, Infrastructure, Petrochemical, Irrigation Systems, Landfills, in countries such as: Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, Salvador, Peru, Venezuela, Suriname, Chile, Belize, United States, Jamaica.

SIGSA is an innovative provider, focused on delivering the right solution to its customers.

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