Homeowner DIY Builders

Flex MSE is the perfect solution for Homeowner DIY builders looking to add value, stability, and beauty to their property.


  • Flex MSE can be delivered prefilled, or filled on site using simple tools.
  • Minimal site prep.
  • Excavated soils can sometimes be reused to fill Flex MSE units.
  • Often no supplemental drainage is required.
  • Easy for Homeowner DIY builders to construct and maintain.


  • Installs in tight spaces, around tree roots and on top of bedrock.
  • Two components build any shape at any angle up to 85°.
  • Can be installed on poor soils or water prone areas.
  • Easily used with any other wall building or erosion control system.


  • Installs in 60% of the time vs rigid systems.
  • System Lifetime Rating of 120 years.
  • 75 year manufacturers warranty.
  • No graffiti removal costs.
  • Highly customizable.


  • 3% of the Greenhouse Gas emissions vs concrete.
  • 50% recycled content.
  • Captures Storm Water.
  • Can reuse native soils.
  • Accepts Native Plants and perennial low growing food crops.
  • Re-establishes natural riparian habitat.
  • Pollinator friendly.
  • Prevents soil loss and sediment.
  • Industry leading ISO sound barrier ratings.

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*Please note: Always consult your local building codes prior to undertaking any retaining wall or erosion control work.

“I would highly recommend this system to anyone who is looking for a green and attractive alternative to concrete retaining walls. It is extremely user friendly when you have the appropriate tools and is pretty much foolproof.   Every time I walk by the flowering walls in the summer and see the bees busy pollinating I know I made the right choice. – Michael T. – Homeowner”