ICONIX Waterworks

ICONIX Waterworks and Flex MSE

Formally Corix Water Products, ICONIX Waterworks represents Flex MSE in Western Canada, the Prairies, Ontario and Quebec. Leaders in the implementation of sustainable water, wastewater and energy utility infrastructure solutions for small to medium-sized communities across North America, they design, supply, build, install, finance and operate local utility infrastructure on behalf of municipal, institutional, military and private-sector customers.


ICONIX is an acronym: I = Infrastructure, C = Connections, O = Optimization, N = Network, I = Innovation and X = Experience.

Inspired by a vision to build a world of sustainable communities, they are recognized as a community-focused provider of the essential utility products and services necessary to ensure the long-term viability of the communities and customers they serve.

ICONIX shares it’s vision as people and products combining to create real solutions. They provide the means to keep both business and water flowing. Their service and solutions connect the essential resource of water to communities.

They share their values as providing innovative water solutions by collaborating with our business partners to maximize technical expertise, a diversified and agile scope of service, reliable inventory, and localized accountability. They do this to bring real time value to the communities we all serve together.

You can find out more about this great dealer at www.iconixww.com.

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