JM Caribbean Distributors

JM Caribbean and Flex MSE

Flex MSE is well represented by JM Caribbean Distributors, Inc. in Puerto Rico.

JM Caribbean

In addition to being long term suppliers of all manner of construction products, they distribute and support Geosynthetic erosion and soil stabilization products in Puerto Rico and throughout the Caribbean.

Based in San Juan, they work with designers and contractors to promote the use of all the products they sell and have been involved in the design and sale of MSE Structures since its beginnings in the late 80s.

Ideal partners for Flex MSE, they are drivers for change and taking a different approach for the MSE market in their region. Our Vegetated Wall System is perfect for Puerto Rico and the surrounding countries.

If you’re in or near Puerto Rico, and are interested in learning more about how Flex MSE is an amazing solution for a number of different applications, don’t hesitate to reach to JM Caribbean to see how Flex MSE can be a difference maker on your project.

We are super pleased to have them as a part of the Flex MSE Dealer family, check out this great Dealer here.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our Dealer network.