Segmental Concrete Block

Flex MSE has distinct similarities to segmental concrete block systems, which not only makes it easy to specify, but to install.

How Flex MSE is similar to Segmental Concrete Block:

  • Follows the same globally accepted principles of Mechanically Stabilized Earth structures that Engineers use to build concrete retaining walls.
  • Uses readily available local materials during construction.
  • Is less expensive than poured concrete walls.
  • Can be built near vertical.

This is where the similarities between Flex MSE and Concrete Segmental Block end.

Some of the advantages of Flex MSE over segmental concrete block systems are:

  • Often installs in half the time of a segmental concrete block wall.
  • Is a fraction of the material cost per m2 of larger segmental concrete block systems.
  • Weighs much less than most segmental concrete block systems. This makes it ideal for use in areas with unstable subsoils and poor access, while permitting the use of lighter weight (less expensive) reinforcement.
  • 1000 sq ft of unfilled Flex MSE product fits on one pallet, reducing freight costs and lay down area.
  • Requires less excavation and embedment sub grade, resulting in less site disturbance.
  • Two components create any slope from flat to almost vertical (10V:1H).
  • Is a free-draining facing material, cutting down on drainage and detailing costs.
  • Does not chip and is easily ‘field fit’ into irregular spots or curves, eliminating loss from damage and extra cutting time.
  • 75 year manufacturers warranty.
  • Withstands freeze-thaw cycles without damaging the integrity or aesthetic of the vegetated finish. Check out this article published by the National Concrete Masonry Association regarding the challenges with using concrete segmental blocks in areas prone to freeze/thaw and deicing chemicals.
  • Uses 97% less Green House Gases than a similarly sized concrete block creates.
  • Flex MSE is not susceptible to cracking, efflorescence, leaching and future aesthetic maintenance issues found in segmental concrete block walls.

The bottom line is that Flex MSE is as strong as segmental concrete blocks on installation, is easier to work with and provides exceptional environmental benefits not available from segmental concrete block systems.

 Segmental Concrete Block