About Trexiana


Founded in 2007, Trexiana is the global manufacturer of Flex MSE based in the Traditional Territory of the Coast Salish People. 


To provide innovative green construction solutions globally.


To disrupt global dependence on environmentally destructive building materials through innovation, education and leading by example.


Trexiana Client Promise

We will:

  • Ensure that Trexiana employees are skilled and able to provide responsive and reliable services that meet the expectations of clients, distributors and partners throughout our industry. 
  • Meet the needs for all client projects; from DIY to highly technical. 
  • Provide best in class client communications and support. 

Trexiana Service Promise

We will:

  • Ensure that Trexiana Clients have access to, and are able to navigate easily, the Trexiana Technical Library and the latest technical materials.
  • Continuously seek out opportunities to improve communication and service offerings. 
  • Ensure that every inquiry, request and client need received by Trexiana is addressed within one working day.  
  • Deliver quality products and services for every project no matter where it exists in the world.
  • Continuously improve our offerings by pursuing all appropriate Certification and Regulatory Approvals, consistently leading all other systems in the marketplace.


Without question the number one asset at Trexiana is the professional, well-informed and enthusiastic group of individuals who make up our great Team. Combine our Team with our amazing Supply Chain and Retail Partners, and it’s easy to see how we are well prepared for all that comes before us.

As a leader I take great responsibility in ensuring each transaction, every interaction with Trexiana is followed through in the most professional and competent manner.  Our attention to detail has ensured that we will continue to Lead and Innovate in our Market Segment. I encourage anyone with questions about Trexiana to contact me directly.

Mike Callewaert
[email protected]
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