Wire Formed Walls

Comparing Wire Formed Walls to the Flex MSE Vegetated Wall System

Foundation materials – As a gravity wall, the overall stability of wire formed walls is strongly linked to the underlying foundation materials. Flex MSE can be installed on uneven foundation surfaces. Combine that with the nearly unlimited differential settlement ability of the system and lightweight components, Flex MSE can be used effectively in a wide range of applications.

Integration with rigid systems and landforms – The quality and longevity of a wire formed wall is influenced by the type of fill, bracing and its packing. However, these types of walls typically experience gradual deformation and corrosion over time. As a result, integration of wire formed walls with rigid systems such as concrete coping is typically a source of ongoing maintenance and repairs which left unattended can create a hazard. Flex MSE’s 120 year design life and ‘soft armour’ capabilities allow it to integrate seamlessly with nearly all other systems and natural landforms.

Vegetative Fill – The fill material required for the Flex MSE system has strict, industry-leading parameters. Wire formed walls allow for a large variation of infill materials that often have inconsistent vegetation results. Wire formed walls typically only see vegetation on the course-to-course setback, whereas Flex MSE gets vegetation over 100% of its exposed surface. Wire formed walls generally have difficulty sustaining vegetation year to year once the initial germination is exhausted, this can cause the growing medium to settle in the wire form and create instability. Flex MSE has a sustainable vegetated face with normal growth cycles established on installation.

Flexibility in Design – Wire formed walls have strict limitations on design angles. Flex MSE can be installed anywhere from horizontal to pure vertical (as a living wall) with most installations at between 45 and 85 degrees.

Training, Certification and Unmatched Savings – With well placed Global Technical Partners, Flex MSE is able to support your project wherever it takes place. Flex MSE is the only vegetated system on the market that offers Certification for its Installers.

Flex MSE installs in a fraction of the time of  wire formed walls, installation rates are often 1,000 ft2 (90m2)/day.

If you’d like to discuss other advantages of Flex MSE over this type of system, please contact us.