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Flex MSE Instagram

Visit Flex MSE’s Instagram page.


You’ll find photos of the latest Flex MSE projects as well as some great before and after photos!


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Flex MSE Facebook

  • Great job by Ryan and his Team in #NewBrunswick on this shoreline restoration. #FlexMSE works well with existing materials to create a level and stable #shoreline for these clients. Can’t wait to see the vegetation on this one! Where else can you see Flex MSE? #backtonature

    October 10

  • When it has to get there.... California police pull over truck pulling trailer with SUV pulling a trailer https://driving.ca/chevrolet/auto-news/news/california-police-pull-over-truck-pulling-trailer-with-suv-pulling-a-trailer

    Train of vehicles was only doing 50km/h on the highway before CHP intervened

    October 06

  • Say goodbye to bunker repair! Sod covered #FlexMSE provides a permanent fix to sand traps and bunkers. Golf ball resistant and able to withstand profanity being yelled at it! Love it. Where else can you imagine Flex MSE? #backtonature #golf

    October 04