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  • Flex MSE


    - Permanent Retention and Erosion Control

    - Cut conventional wall installation times in half

    - Restore natural habitat and property

    - A Low Impact Development solution


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You’ll find photos of the latest Flex MSE projects as well as some great before and after photos!


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Flex MSE Facebook

  • Check out the amazing color on this #FlexMSE installation! Installed late in the year so they were waiting to vegetate. Nature did it’s thing and started to grow moss + a few other volunteer varieties. This #shoreline will look amazing in no time. Where else can you see Flex MSE?

    March 21

  • Uneven surfaces? No problem for #FlexMSE! Over rocks - around trees - organic lines and shapes... This #shoreline protection project not only provides stability and long term durability, the wall disappears in no time and you’re #backtonature. Where else can you see Flex MSE?

    March 15

  • #FlexMSE adds real estate to this beautiful #urbangreen #construction site. By using Flex MSE for the structural element this developer was able to maximize their awesome building lot. Can’t wait to see the vegetation on this one! Where else can you see Flex MSE? #backtonature

    March 08