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Flex MSE Instagram

Visit Flex MSE’s Instagram page.


You’ll find photos of the latest Flex MSE projects as well as some great before and after photos!


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Flex MSE Facebook

  • This #infrastructure project always blows our mind. #FlexMSE provides the engineered face for this roadway project, nature provides the finish. Flex MSE is a permanent solution that helps communities get #backtonature. Where else can you see Flex MSE? #urbangreen https://bit.ly/2Wk0kPj


    May 21

  • #FlexMSE is easy to field-fit and shape to your site. You can build in straight lines or follow/create organic lines to give your project personality. Once this #erosion project is grown in it will completely disappear and you’re #backtonature. Where else can you see Flex MSE? https://bit.ly/2w7YDpi


    May 17

  • Rebuilding the #shoreline of this park #pond from years of #erosion due to rainfall and animal traffic, repaired in no time. #FlexMSE is great for these public green spaces. Watch this shoreline disappear! Where else can you see Flex MSE? #urbangreen #backtonature https://bit.ly/2HptzIt


    May 15