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You’ll find photos of the latest Flex MSE projects as well as some great before and after photos!


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  • Resiliency vs flooding can employ any number of solutions - both 'hard' and 'soft'. https://www.governing.com/topics/transportation-infrastructure/sl-climate-change-water-parks-infrastructure-cities.html

    As climate change forces cities to grapple with rising sea levels and increasingly powerful storms, coastal cities must prepare for a heightened likelihood of flooding, whether tidal flooding from rising sea levels or a hurricane that could dump inches of rain in a short period of time.

    December 13

  • The cumulative cost of soil erosion in Canada for agriculture alone from 1971-2011 is between $40-60 Billion. Imagine the costs from other sectors (infrastructure, real estate, forestry, fishing, etc) combined with that! https://www.chathamthisweek.com/2018/02/20/cost-of-soil-erosion-3-billion-annually-in-canada/wcm/31191f3b-8f4c-4dd9-991d-c80674335cd5

     Soil erosion is now costing Canadian farmers more than $3 billion each year, about three times the rate from 40 years ago, a University of Manitoba professor said at a soil health conference …

    December 11

  • Love this remote trail #FlexMSE repair! All materials packed in down a long trail, installed and #vegetated the same day! This repair work will continue further down this trail. Watch this project disappear! Where else can you see Flex MSE? #greeninfrastructure #backtonature

    December 09