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Flex MSE Instagram

Visit Flex MSE’s Instagram page.


You’ll find photos of the latest Flex MSE projects as well as some great before and after photos!


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Flex MSE Facebook

  • So excited to be working on the next set of #FlexMSE training videos!! Great crew, beautiful day and Flex MSE going in the ground. Stay tuned! #contractor

    9 hours ago

  • Colombia has always been way ahead on this stuff. Wrap #FlexMSE around these and you’re set! Biophilic dome homes produce more energy than they consume https://inhabitat.com/biophilic-dome-homes-produce-more-energy-than-they-consume/

    In an effort to make the construction industry greener, Green New World has designed these domes that generate sustainable energy and are built from the earth.

    October 19

  • Pretty much every Engineer we know… hahaha

    October 17