Landscaping with Flex MSE is perfect for your commercial or residential needs.

Flex MSE’s Vegetated Wall System has several advantages over other landscaping materials and systems.

  • Fast Install. Flex MSE walls install in ⅔ – ½ of the time of conventional landscaping walls and are easy to construct.
  • Easy to Construct. DIY’ers to professional contractors can install Flex MSE using our simple installation methods.
  • Lightweight and easy to transport. 93m2 (1000ft2) of unfilled Flex MSE ships on a single pallet.
  • Flex MSE fits your site. Works seamlessly with utilities and landforms and integrates perfectly with other building materials and systems.
  • Flex MSE is cost effective. The all-in costs for a Flex MSE wall are generally 40-50% less than other systems. Savings in machine, labor, material and transportation costs make Flex MSE an obvious choice for helping generate project cost savings. With Flex MSE’s 75 year warranty, the lifetime costs can be ¼ of conventional systems.
  • Low site disturbance. Minimal excavation, light reinforcement, no forms, footings or rebar, and often no expensive drainage design.
  • Aesthetically amazing. No more graffiti or wall staining, or  failures from frost cycles and leaky soils. Vegetation can range from grasses to flowers to trees to shrubs…. 
  • Irrigate your wall! Depending on site conditions, unlike other hard armour systems, Flex MSE can be irrigated to allow for beautiful and sustainable vegetation.

A Vegetated Wall built with Flex MSE can be installed anywhere from horizontal to 90 degrees (as a living wall feature). Flex MSE’s versatility offers you the ability to build your wall to suit your landscape plan.

Flex MSE  follows the natural landscape and flows over land formations allowing designers to build organic structures without having to rely on right-angle decisions.

For more information on Flex MSE for your Commercial or Residential landscaping project please Contact Us.